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is an utility-token founded
on health,
and balance.

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It’s simple, safe and tradable worldwide.

It’s simple, safe and tradable worldwide.


SANUSCOIN uses Blockchain,
the same technology used by Bitcoin.
We therefore
refer to “SANUSCOIN over Bitcoin Blockchain Technology“.

SANUSCOIN uses Blockchain,
the same technology used by Bitcoin.
We therefore
refer to “SANUSCOIN over Bitcoin Blockchain Technology“.


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Whether it’s our corporate press review or external reports – SANUSCOIN is continuously talked about, which underlines its increasing importance. Read and share the following reports!


  • 01-2016
    In 2006 Ewald Rieder founded SANUSLIFE INTERNATIONAL with a business model focused on direct sales. Over the years the focus of the business has shifted to online commerce with a NETWORK MARKETING/AFFILIATE MARKETING system. SANUSLIFE wants to expand its business into foreign markets, but there is a problem of having to make many small payments outside the SEPA zone and in areas not easily covered by banking services.
  • 06-2016
    SANUSLIFE looks for the solution using blockchain technology and starts to dialogue with different technology partners.
  • 01-2017
    SANUSLIFE decides to build its own token on the bitcoin blockchain and starts a collaboration with inbitcoin to make a colored token. The Colored Coin project, which was abandoned in 2015, is resumed.
  • 06-2017
    Study and research work begins for the creation of the SANUSCOIN token which will have its “genesis block” in 2018-03-21 06:34:43
  • 01-2018
    The first conversion of SANUSCREDITS to SANUSCOINS takes place: SANUSLIFE INTERNATIONAL members and customers can decide to exchange their SANUSCREDITS to SANUSCOINS.
  • 02-2018
    SANUSWALLET for Android and iOS is created and released.
  • 02-2018
    First SANUSCOIN OPENING EVENT with more than 1,100 guests. The first exchange between Bitcoin and SANUSCOIN takes place.
  • 04-2018
    The first 111,111,111 SANUSCOINS are distributed to “thousands of SANUSLIFE INTERNATIONAL customers and distributors”
  • 09-2018
    The white paper is completed and made available at www.sanuscoin.com
  • 01-2019
    The second conversion of SANUSCREDITS (which were collected in 2018) into SANUSCOINS has taken place. For the first time, lists for manual payouts were created.
  • 01-2019
    Start of listing on the first exchanger.
  • 02-2019
    Second SANUSCOIN EVENT with 1,300 guests present.
  • 10-2019
    SANUSPOS is created and released for online payments on SANUSSTORE and SANUSLIFE INTERNATIONAL starts to expand its business in South America using SANUSCOIN as the only payment system.
  • 12-2019
    SANUSCOIN EXPLORER is relaunched to allow anyone who wishes to do so to monitor SANUSCOIN and bitcoin transactions. It is a tool to read the contents of the bitcoin blockchain and the SANUSCOIN transactions it contains.
  • 01-2020
    The conversion of SANUSCREDITS (which were collected in 2019) to SANUSCOINS has taken place.
  • 02-2020
    Third SANUSCOIN EVENT with 1,500 guests present.
  • 06-2020
    SANUSLIFE starts its expansion outside the European market by entering the South American market. From the beginning, the only payment system used is SANUSCOIN.
  • 07-2020
    SANUSCOIN is listed on LATOKEN under the name “SACOI”.
  • 09-2020
    The software for the automated payment of commissions to distributors is completed. Thousands of small payments are now made automatically to “distributors” on a weekly basis.
  • 11-2020
    Agreements are made with a new exchanger who cooperates with a cryptobank (custodian) for secure custody and administration of SANUSCOINS.
  • 01-2021
    Conversion of SANUSCREDITS 2020 to SANUSCOINS and automated payment.
  • 01-2021
    Continuation of the research and development work regarding the scaling of the decentralized transactions of SANUSCOINS (Lightning Network).
  • 01-2022
    Conversion of SANUSCREDITS collected in 2021 to SANUSCOINS and automatic payment.
  • 01-2023
    Conversion of SANUSCREDITS collected in 2022 to SANUSCOINS and automatic payment.
  • 01-2024
    Conversion of SANUSCREDITS collected in 2023 to SANUSCOINS and automatic payment.


Why SANUSCOINS?2020-11-18T17:44:08+01:00
  • SANUSCOINS are a payment utility token which does not need institutional third parties for it to be transferred.
  • SANUSCOINS use the Bitcoin blockchain which, in our opinion, is the safest blockchain in the world.
  • SANUSCOINS are an intangible asset (voucher) that are unalterable by the authentication protocol of the Bitcoin Blockchain.
  • The number of SANUSCOINS that will eventually be in circulation is limited to a maximum of 777,777,777 units.
  • SANUSCOINS are deposited in a multicurrency electronic portfolio, which can be downloaded free of charge (SANUSWALLET 2.0) and which allows management of both SANUSCOINS and bitcoins.
  • SANUSCOINS can be purchased on crypto partner exchanges, or they can be obtained by collecting and converting SANUSCREDITS operating in the SANUSLIFE INTERNATIONAL business.
  • SANUSCOINS are used as a means of payment in the SANUSSTORE.
  • SANUSCOINS will be used as a means of payment in the SANUSSTORE and other online shops, ideally using Lightning Network technology developed for the network.
  • SANUSCOINS are cashed via POS collection systems of SANUSLIFE INTERNATIONAL and partner companies.
What do I have to do after downloading the SANUSWALLET 2.0?2020-09-16T08:40:34+02:00

The most important thing to remember is to establish the necessary settings and write down the passphrase. In the SANUSWALLET  2.0 you can do the “Backup” under “Settings” by following the instructions given there. The passphrase is a set of 12 words in a specified sequence, which is assigned when the wallet is first set up. You must be the only one to know the passphrase and keep it in a safe place, because anyone who knows the passphrase of a wallet can access and clean it out completely.


Please note: A passphrase should never be stored digitally – therefore we recommend copying the passphrase down on a sheet of paper or the like, making sure that no one is watching while you write (it is better to put away or turn off all devices such as webcams, mobile phone cameras, microphones, etc.). Last but not least: the passphrase should be protected from water and fire, and should be copied at least twice and stored in different places.

What happens if I lose the passphrase?2020-09-16T08:42:18+02:00

If you have lost the passphrase but you still have access to your SANUSWALLET 2.0, you can save it again by going to settings. If, on the other hand, you no longer have access to your SANUSWALLET 2.0, the SANUSCOINS are either lost forever (the SANUSCOINS are always deposited somewhere, but you no longer have the chance of accessing them, without the passphrase), or, if someone else has discovered or finds the passphrase, they will get hold of your SANUSCOINS (in this case, the SANUSCOINS do not change wallet, but their owner). At this point, it is important to stress: anyone who knows the passphrase of a wallet, can raid it and clean it out completely.

How can I transfer SANUSCOINS to another wallet by myself?2020-09-16T08:43:18+02:00

SANUSCOINS can be sent or transferred from your own SANUSCOIN wallet to another. To do this, all you need is a recipient address for the SANUSCOINS (it can be viewed by clicking on the QR code with the blue wave in the SANUSWALLET 2.0) and the availability of a certain amount of bits (bitcoins) in the SANUSWALLET 2.0, since the commissions due to the Bitcoin network for transactions carried out are automatically deducted from this amount.

How can I find out if the SANUSCOINS are now really on the Bitcoin blockchain?2020-09-16T10:50:33+02:00

All transactions are carried out directly on the Bitcoin blockchain, and so EVERY transaction is also perfectly traceable. The operations can be viewed and checked by using a so-called “Bitcoin Explorer” or the SANUSCOIN EXPLORER  (to see the SANUSCOIN content of each transaction)

In your wallet there is a built-in button and by clicking on it you will be connected directly to the SANUSCOIN EXPLORER  where you will be able to track the operation in question. Just follow these simple steps:


– Click on the operation you want to track;

– Then scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the button > View on Blockchain;

– All details about the transaction you have selected will be displayed.

This is clear evidence that your SANUSCOINS are practically “carved in stone” on the Bitcoin blockchain.