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is a utility-payment-token founded
on health,
and balance.

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It’s simple, safe and tradable worldwide.

It’s simple, safe and tradable worldwide.


SANUSCOIN uses Blockchain,
the same technology used by Bitcoin.
We therefore
refer to “SANUSCOIN over Bitcoin Blockchain Technology“.

SANUSCOIN uses Blockchain,
the same technology used by Bitcoin.
We therefore
refer to “SANUSCOIN over Bitcoin Blockchain Technology“.


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Whether it’s our corporate press review or external reports – SANUSCOIN is continuously talked about, which underlines its increasing importance. Read and share the following reports!




  • 2006

    Ewald Rieder foundend SANUSLIFE INTERNATIONAL and also obtained for his company the exclusive distribution rights on the Korean water ionizer for Italy.
  • 2010

    The water ionizer developed by Sang Whang and SANUSLIFE INTERNATIONAL was launched on the market. The result was impressive: while pollutants such as lead and arsenic were greatly reduced, all alkaline minerals such as calcium and magnesium remained in the water. A modern South Korean company with extensive experience in the sector manufactured the water ionizer exclusively for SANUSLIFE INTERNATIONAL. At the same time the company succeeded in formulating an absolutely unique selling proposition in the field of water ionization technology, thus opening the way for the water ionizer’s worldwide distribution.
  • 2014
    As concerns sales, SANUSLIFE INTERNATIONAL was focusing increasingly on online business. In addition to SANUSSTORE and SANUSBUSINESS, the SANUSWORLD online community was the driving force of the SANUSLIFE® world.
  • 2016
    SANUSLIFE® INTERNATIONAL celebrated its 10th anniversary. A new Internet platform with integrated referral marketing software was introduced at the beginning of the new year. The offer thus covered a total of five (5) business areas: SANUSWORLD, SANUSPRODUCTS, SANUSSTORE, SANUSCOMPANIES and SANUSBUSINESS. The idea of the decentralized cryptocurrency SANUSCOIN was born.
  • 2017
    In collaboration with an Italian Bitcoin core developer team, SANUSLIFE® INTERNATIONAL implemented the SANUSCOIN (SAC) as a token over Bitcoin blockchain. In addition, the two-part SANUSWALLET a digital wallet that runs on Android smartphones and iPhones, which allows the storage and management of SANUSCOINS and bitcoins, was also introduced
  • 01-2018
    The first conversion of SANUSCREDITS into SANUSCOINS took place in January. Everyone who collected SANUSCREDITS in 2017 thus became the first SANUSCOIN owners.
  • 02-2018
    On 17.02.2018 the big THE SANUSCOIN OPENING EVENT took place in Innsbruck, with over 1,100 enthusiastic participants. It was the day when the SANUSCOIN was officially introduced on the market. In addition, on the very same day, the first TEC phase started, lasting only six hours, from 6:00 pm to midnight. During this short but intense period of time, SANUSCOINS could be ordered exclusively in the form of packages at an introductory price of 0.10 euros / SANUSCOIN and paid in bitcoins. The value of a SANUSCOIN increased in relation to the orders placed, according to the following algorithm: For every 10,000 orders, the value of one SANUSCOIN increased by 0.01 euros – that is, by 1 cent. Within just under six hours, over 3.5 million SANUSCOINS were ordered. At the end of the first TEC phase, the value of one SANUSCOIN was 3.66 euros. This corresponds to an increase in value of 3,560%.
  • 04-2018
    On April 7, SANUSCOINS were transferred to the respective SANUSWALLETS and all coin owners could track the transaction on the Bitcoin Blockchain using a Bitcoin Explorer (such as www.smartbit.com), which gave proof that the coins were really on the Bitcoin blockchain.
  • 07-2018
    The SANUSWALLET was made available as a download app for iPhones and iPads. Transactions in SANUSCOINS can now be carried out on Android devices and iPhones/iPads, by transferring coins from one wallet to another.
  • 09-2018
    The whitepaper has been completed and made available for download on www.sanuscoin.com.
  • 10-2018
    – Start of the second ICO phase, when the SANUSCOIN packages will be exchanged for bitcoins exclusively in the SANUSWALLET. The second ICO phase will also be limited in time. A counter on the website will indicate the starting and the ending dates of this phase. The starting price will be 3,66 euros / SAC.

    – SANUSLIFE goes to Russia! SANUSLIFE INTERNATIONAL’s entering the Russian market will be celebrated with a great event during which the company’s five business areas, as well as the SANUSCREDIT and SANUSCOIN concepts, will be presented to the public.
  • 2018/2019
    Aim: To achieve SANUSCOINS’ negotiability at various exchange offices (Coin exchanges) and thus its release for official trading.
  • 01-2019
    Conversion of SANUSCREDITS collected in 2018 intoSANUSCOINS. (SANUSCOIN’s constant developments will ensure an ever stronger and sustainable eco-system).
  • 02-2019
    On February 16th, 2019, “THE 2nd SANUSCOIN EVENT” took place in Innsbruck with more than 1,300 visitors. On this occasion, SANUSLIFE announced the new conversion factor, the name of its new crypto exchange, “NU-EX,” and the new cooperation with the German software developer C-Novation, which will establish the SANUSCOIN as a means of payment on all ATMs and POS devices through its “C-Novation Pay” payment system. On the same day, 100 POS devices with the technical characteristics necessary for payments with Bitcoin, Ethereum and soon SANUSCOINS were sold directly on site at the fairgrounds. During the event, CEO Ewald Rieder was presented the “2018 Charity Award,” a very special recognition for our company’s sustainable social commitment, by Uwe Tammen (Network-Karriere, Europe’s largest business newspaper for direct sales).
  • 2019
    -Aim: The SANUSCOIN will be accepted as an official means of payment in the SANUSSTORE (after successful listing on at least one (1) Coin exchange).

    -Aim: Extension of the network by creating numerous SANUSCOIN acceptance points and by implementing SANUSCOIN interfaces (POS), for use by e-commerce companies, retailers, hotels and restaurants, etc. (in this context, SANUSLIFE INTERNATIONAL makes a major contribution, as with its network marketing activity it has built a network that is rapidly growing worldwide).

    -Aim: Compensation in SANUSCOINS for distribution partners worldwide (a factor that should greatly increase the demand for SANUSCOINS as SANUSLIFE INTERNATIONAL will directly purchase and distribute SANUSCOINS).
  • 01-2020
    -Aim: SANUSCOINS will be used as a means of payment in the SANUSSTORE and other shops.

    -Conversion of SANUSCREDITS collected in 2019 into SANUSCOINS. (SANUSCOIN’s constant developments will ensure an ever stronger and sustainable eco-system).
  • 01-2021
    Conversion of SANUSCREDITS collected in 2020 into SANUSCOINS. (SANUSCOIN’s constant developments will ensure an ever stronger and sustainable eco-system).
  • 01-2022
    Conversion of SANUSCREDITS collected in 2021 into SANUSCOINS. (SANUSCOIN’s constant developments will ensure an ever stronger and sustainable eco-system).
  • 01-2023
    Conversion of SANUSCREDITS collected in 2022 into SANUSCOINS. (SANUSCOIN’s constant developments will ensure an ever stronger and sustainable eco-system).
  • 01-2024
    Conversion of SANUSCREDITS collected in 2023 into SANUSCOINS. (SANUSCOIN’s constant developments will ensure an ever stronger and sustainable eco-system).


Why SANUSCOINS?2019-10-14T16:27:32+02:00
  • SANUSCOINS represent an utility-payment-token which is not regulated by any state or central bank.
  • SANUSCOINS use the Bitcoin blockchain which is, as of today, the safest in the world.
  • SANUSCOINS are assets, which are immutable thanks to an authentication protocol.
  • The volume of SANUSCOINS that will eventually be in circulation is limited to a maximum of 777,777,777 pieces.
  • SANUSCOINS are held in a free, two-part electronic wallet which allows management of both SANUSCOINS and bitcoins.
  • SANUSCOINS are available for purchase but can also be obtained free of charge by collecting and converting SANUSCREDITS.
  • SANUSCOINS have enormous potential for value increase, because they are equivalent to bitcoins in terms of immutability.
  • SANUSCOINS will be used as a means of payment in the SANUSSTORE and other online shops, ideally using Lightning Network technology developed for the network.
  • SANUSCOINS will be cashed via POS collection systems, at SANUSLIFE INTERNATIONAL and partner companies.
  • SANUSCOINS will be integrated in the app system, displaying all acceptance points on the SANUSWALLET
What do I have to do after downloading the SANUSWALLET?2019-04-05T15:06:43+02:00

Make the necessary settings and write down the passphrase. In your SANUSWALLET you can do the “Backup” under “Settings” by following the instructions given there. A passphrase is a set of twelve (12) words in a specified order assigned when the wallet is first set up. You should be the only one to know and safeguard your passphrase, because anyone who knows the passphrase to a wallet can access and clean it out completely.

Please note: A passphrase should never be stored digitally – therefore we recommend copying the passphrase down on a sheet of paper or the like, making sure that no one is watching while you write (it’s better to put away or turn off all devices such as webcams, mobile phone cameras, microphones, etc.). Last but not least: the passphrase should be protected from water and fire and should be copied at least twice (2) and stored in different places.

What happens if I lose the passphrase?2019-04-05T11:56:56+02:00

Then the SANUSCOINS are either lost forever (they are still somewhere, but you have no chance of retrieving them, without the passphrase), Otherwise, if someone else discovers or finds the passphrase, that person will enjoy your SANUSCOINS (the SANUSCOINS will not change their wallet, but their owner). At this point, it’s important to repeat: Anyone who knows the passphrase to a wallet, can clean out the wallet completely.

How can I buy bitcoins?2019-04-05T11:57:19+02:00

If you do not have any bits or bitcoins yet, we recommend that you buy some now through our cooperating partner COINWAVE srl www.coinwave.eu. When buying bits or bitcoins through our partner, you can enjoy the following benefits:

– easy
– you work with a selected and certified partner
– you pay a reduced billing fee of 3.5% (instead of the usual 3.8%)
– your bits or bitcoins are transferred directly into your wallet (otherwise you would have to do this manually)

The instructions for registering and ordering bitcoins through COINWAVE Srl can be found HERE

How can I transfer SANUSCOINS to another wallet by myself?2019-04-05T15:06:30+02:00

SANUSCOINS can be easily sent from your own SANUSCOIN wallet to any another SANUSCOIN wallet. All you need is a receiving address.

How can I verify if my SANUSCOINS are now really on the Bitcoin blockchain?2019-04-05T15:06:20+02:00

Since all transactions were carried out directly on the Bitcoin blockchain, EVERY transaction is traceable. The transactions can be viewed and checked via a so-called “Bitcoin Explorer”. In your wallet there is a button which connects you directly to a Bitcoin Explorer to track your transaction(s) following these steps:


– Click on the transaction you want to track or check;

– Then scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the button> Show on Blockchain and then select> Open Smartbit (= Bitcoin Explorer);

– All details about the transaction you have selected will be displayed.

This is clear evidence that your SANUSCOINS have been “immortalized” on Bitcoin’s blockchain, practically “carved in stone”. That’s is your security. Just like having gold coins kept safe in a vault.

What is the white paper and where can I find it?2019-10-14T16:24:46+02:00

A white paper is a public relations tool that provides an overview of services, standards and technology, especially on IT issues.

In the crypto scene, it is considered the first official formalization of a blockchain project ready for viewing.

SANUSLIFE INTERNATIONAL also has its whitepaper and is making it available to the public for the first time at www.sanuscoin.com.
Since there are thousands of different crypto tokens to date, it is important to understand why the SANUSCOIN is so unique, especially from the technological point of view.

And that’s exactly what the white paper is about. In fact, it illustrates the concept, that is, the philosophy behind the project, explains the technology on which it is based – “Token over Bitcoin Blockchain” – and the type of programming utilized, the management of the coins and, finally, explains what makes the SANUSCOIN so revolutionary and why it has such great chances for a groundbreaking success. In conclusion: it couldn’t be more detailed and transparent than this!

Download the “SANUSCOIN” white paper now