The name is made up of the Latin adjective “sanus” meaning “healthy”, and the English term “coin“.

SANUSCOIN therefore represents a new method of payment, the value of which reflects the balance between health and wealth.

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Different elements are portrayed on the cryptocurrency. To clarify their meaning and the value of the currency, here is a brief description of the main elements.


According to the Theory of the Four elements, everything that exists is made up four main elements: fire, water, air and earth. They are combined in different ways. Whether directly or indirectly perceptible, these elements accompany us for our whole life. Alongside fire, air and earth, water plays a central role: in fact, two-thirds of the surface of our planet is covered by water. For this reason, it is also called the “blue planet”. Our earth also symbolically represents the whole population on the planet. This expresses greatness and the boundless vastness of infinity.

The wave

The wave represents water as concentrated power and source of all life. However, only a small portion of water on the planet is accessible as drinking water. As there is no life without water, the wave is a reminder of the importance of this essential source of nutrition, and indirectly represents the bridge to SANUSLIFE INTERNATIONAL.

The scales

The scales symbolise weighing and contemplation, proportionality and “balanced justice”, handed out by the eagle. For the purpose of justice, it is important that both elements placed on the two plates are considered and weighed up. We have placed health – symbolised by a young, healthy and strong tree – on the left plate and prosperity – symbolised by gold coins – on the right plate. Ideally, the two elements must have the same “weight”, i.e. they must be balanced. In other words, money isn’t everything if you can’t live a healthy life. The scales are therefore a symbol of the balanced relationship between health and wealth.

The revised and redefined caduceus

The caduceus is a winged staff from Greek mythology. It features two wings placed on one of the two extremities and two snakes, symmetrically entwined around it and facing each other. While in the past it was interpreted as a link between opposing forces and as a symbol of fertility, today it mostly symbolises economy and commerce. The head of the eagle at the top expresses strength, resistance, lightness, speed and freedom, and it is precisely because of this symbolic significance that, even in ancient times, it was considered the emblem par excellence of kings, gods, dominion and power.

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