SANUSCOIN uses Blockchain,
the same technology used by Bitcoin.
We therefore refer to
SANUSCOIN over Bitcoin Blockchain Technology“.

SANUSCOIN uses Blockchain,
the same technology used by Bitcoin.
We therefore refer to
SANUSCOIN over Bitcoin Blockchain Technology“.


SANUSCOIN isn’t an altcoin, as there are various Blockchains which crypto tokens (altcoin), i.e. Bitcoin copies, rely on. Compared to Bitcoin Blockchains, these Blockchains are much less decentralised and easier to attack.

SANUSCOIN is a utility-payment token, and its uniqueness is guaranteed by the notarising protocol (reliability of data). This protocol is guaranteed by the Blockchain technology of Bitcoin, which is currently the safest of all the existing technologies; it has never been changed since its conceptualisation in 2008, and it remains unchangeable over time.

SANUSCOIN isn’t Bitcoin, but it uses the same Blockchain.

Bitcoin’s Blockchain is the first and the most used in the world.
It contains all the transactions made with Bitcoin

No system administrator, individual, company or government can alter Bitcoin’s Blockchain even in the slightest. Its unchangeability and safety is ensured by the structure of Blockchain, which provides a solid and indisputable timestamp (digital imprint of data) proving the existence of certain data, their validity and their conservation beyond any doubt.


The SANUSCOIN utility-payment token has only been generated once and no one, not even the original issuer, can generate it again.

The asset has been generated in the exact quantity of 777,777,777 SANUSCOINS and is stored in 7 different wallets, each containing 111,111,111 coins, to be unblocked each year for 7 years. In the period from 2018 to 2024, these are distributed to SANUSCOIN requesters in February of each year via the decentralized Bitcoin blockchain.

SANUSCOIN transactions are notarized on Bitcoin’s blockchain, and this guarantees their immutability. To manage SANUSCOINS, a SANUSWALLET is required, which can be downloaded free of charge from this portal. A crypto token with an available wallet is much more convenient and user-friendly than one that is offered without any additional features, therefore without tools for practical use. Furthermore, the SANUSWALLET is a “Bi-Wallet” suitable for managing both SANUSCOINS and (!) Bitcoins.


One of the main advantages of SANUSCOIN is its function as a means of payment. Defined and programmed as a payment utility token, it can be redeemed at all points of acceptance worldwide, completely independent of banks. The payment option is ensured by integrating payment interfaces in various online shops and by providing POS devices endowed with crypto-payment technology (“C-Novation Pay”).

Are you a retailer? Buy your first POS device HERE, equipped with the C-Novation Pay crypto payment software.

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