SANUSCOIN uses Blockchain,
the same technology used by Bitcoin.
We therefore refer to
SANUSCOIN over Bitcoin Blockchain Technology“.

SANUSCOIN uses Blockchain,
the same technology used by Bitcoin.
We therefore refer to
SANUSCOIN over Bitcoin Blockchain Technology“.


SANUSCOIN isn’t Bitcoin, but it uses the same Blockchain.

SANUSCOIN isn’t an altcoin, as there are various Blockchains which cryptocurrencies (altcoin), i.e. Bitcoin copies, rely on. Compared to Bitcoin Blockchains, these Blockchains are much less decentralised and easier to attack.

SANUSCOIN is an asset, and its uniqueness is guaranteed by the notarising protocol (reliability of data). This protocol is guaranteed by the Blockchain technology of Bitcoin, which is currently the safest of all the existing technologies; it has never been changed since its conceptualisation in 2008, and it remains unchangeable over time.

Bitcoin’s Blockchain is the first and the most used in the world. It contains all the transactions made with Bitcoin.

No system administrator, individual, company or government can alter Bitcoin’s Blockchain even in the slightest. Its unchangeability and safety is ensured by the structure of Blockchain, which provides a solid and indisputable timestamp (digital imprint of data) proving the existence of certain data, their validity and their conservation beyond any doubt.


The asset of the SANUSCOIN cryptocurrency is only generated once and nobody, not even the original issuer, can generate more.

The asset will be generated in the exact quantity of 777.777.777 SANUSCOINS and will be kept in 7 different wallets, each containing 111,111,111 “coins” to “unblock” each year for 7 years. All SANUSCOINS will be introduced into the market on 15 February of each year from 2018 and for a total of 7 years, in a quantity deriving from the proportional conversion of SC (SANUSCREDITS).  Once generated, the asset can only be used in transactions.

SANUSCOIN transactions are notarised on Bitcoin’s Blockchain, and this guarantees their unchangeability. SANUSCOIN is provided with a SANUSWALLET, which can already be used by the end client as an official instrument. A cryptocurrency with an available wallet is much more useful and accessible than one that is only offered as a concept, therefore without instruments that can really be used.

One of SANUSCOIN’s main values is that it is a distributed asset, therefore not centralised. In contrast to this, SANUSCREDIT is completely controlled by SANUSLIFE INTERNATIONAL in a centralised system.

SANUSCOINS are decentralised and linked to Bitcoin’s Blockchain, thus becoming unchangeable and beyond the control of a single body or organisation. SANUSCOIN is also an asset that goes beyond SANUSLIFE INTERNATIONAL and enters the global market, where everyone can exchange it.

The SANUSLIFE INTERNATIONAL user can easily convert SANUSCREDITS into SANUSCOINS, and the general user can receive SANUSCOINS from SANUSLIFE INTERNATIONAL users or from the global market. All users can manage their SANUSCOINS from an official wallet which fully supports the cryptocurrency from the moment of its creation.

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Collection of SANUSCREDITS with activity on SANUSWORLD

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